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Pancontinental commenced its exploration journey in Kenya after geological evaluation of the oil potential in the Tana River Delta. In 2002 the Company applied for exploration licences in the area with Kenya’s Ministry of Energy and Petroleum issuing Production Sharing Contracts upon the successful award of permits.

Through out the years, Pancontinental has contributed to initial stage exploration programmes as well as partnering with international companies in its pursuit for commercial oil. The Company’s long held theories were validated with two historic discoveries where Pancontinental was a joint venture partner:

2012  Mbawa-1, Kenya L8

  • The first ever gas discovery offshore Kenya; and
  • The first ever hydrocarbon discovery offshore Kenya.

2014  Sunbird-1, Kenya L10A

  • The first ever oil discovery offshore Kenya; and
  • The second ever hydrocarbon discovery offshore Kenya.

The Company now holds two exploration licences; L10A and L6, covering an area of almost 10,000 km2 and situated both offshore and onshore.

Pancontinental has already been written into Kenya’s history books with the L8 and L10A discoveries and looks forward to achieving similar future exploration milestones with its L6 licence going forward.

Kenya_Tana River DeltaFigure 1 – Tana River flowing offshore Kenya


Pancontinental’s Strategy Offshore Kenya

Pancontinental has identified a major oil and gas play offshore Kenya and as such, has acquired interests in three licence areas; L6, L10A and L10B.

Permit Schedule Original - Without L8

The Company entered Kenyan offshore exploration as a result of having identified the oil potential in the restricted depositional environment in the Tana River Delta as per below.

Tana River Delta Concept Original - Without L8

Pancontinental believes that the prime areas to develop good oil source rocks, and to have these fully mature to generate oil, is the restricted environment where the Tana River Delta carried sediments and nutrients into the deep trough inboard of the Davie Walu Ridge.

The Company has extended it strategy of exploring for oil to the south of the L6 block by acquiring the L10 blocks in 2011. These blocks cover the same deep Tertiary troughs that the Company interprets to be oil-generating in L6. The Mbawa discovery establishes the existence of a working hydrocarbon system offshore Kenya. The source material of the gas is interpreted to be a thermally mature mixed gas and oil-prone source and this meas that oil may also have been generated.

Pancontinental has participated in 3D surveys offshore Kenya and these have generated numerous Prospects and Leads as per below.

Leads & Prospects Original - Without L8

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