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Queensland Cooper Eromanga Basin

Project Summary

Cooper Eromanga Basin
Project Size:
ATP 920 - 2,337 km2 ATP 924 - 2,220 km2
Joint Venture Partners:
  • ATP 920 Key Petroleum Limited 80.00%
  • ATP 920 Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL ** 20.00%
  • ATP 924 [Ace Area] Key Petroleum Limited 75.00%
  • ATP 924 [Ace Area] Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL ** 25.00%


The farmin acreage being acquired by Pancontinental contains conventional trends prospective for both oil and gas with initial, drilling focus to be on the oil prone acreage.

Additional, potentially large volume prospectivity for unconventional gas is present within the acreage but has yet to be fully evaluated and documented.

ATP 920 + ATP 924 [Ace Area]
PANCONTINENTAL 20% + 25% (earning)

ATP 920

  • Preliminary work has identified that the Permian gas fairway could extend into south-eastern part of block.
  • Overlies the north-east edge of the Jurassic to Cretaceous Eromanga Basin and the northern edge of the Permian to Triassic Cooper Basin.
  • The closest hydrocarbon discovery is the Inland Oil Field adjacent to the northern block boundary.
  • 4 local wells (Tanbar Nth-1, Cuddapan-1, Morney-2 and 3) have recovered oil on test.


ATP 924 [Ace Area]

  • There are a total seventeen (17) conventional oil prospects within ATP 920 and the northern component of ATP 924 (“Ace Area”). A minimum of nine (9) prospects make up the Meeba Project which includes the Ace Area defining the primary project focus area. In addition to the main Meeba Project there are have been   prospects identified both on trend from the Inland Oil Field and in other areas of ATP 920. These prospective resources are currently being assessed with newly reprocessed seismic;
  • 2D seismic data (over 20 years old) has recently been reprocessed to determine the prospective resources for the Meeba Project;





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