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Namibia Walvis Basin EL 0037

Walvis Basin, Offshore Namibia
Project Size:
17,295 square kilometres
Joint Venture Partners:
  • Tullow Kudu Limited (Operator) 65.00%
  • Pancontinental Oil & Gas Group 30.00%
  • Paragon Oil & Gas (Pty) Ltd 5.00%
An "Oil Mature Fairway" has been interpreted which extends through EL 0037. Pancontinental believes that EL 0037 is one of the few areas covering an oil generating "sweet spot" where oil prone source rocks are sufficiently buried to generate oil.

A number of ponded turbidite, slope turbidite, basin floor turbidite fans and channels forming major very large "leads" closely associated with, and within the Inner Graben of EL 0037 have been identified and mapped.

Kenya Lamu Basin L6

Lamu Basin, Onshore and Offshore Kenya
Project Size:
5,010 square kilometres
Joint Venture Partners:


  • FAR Limited (Operator) 60.00%
  • Pancontinental Oil & Gas Group 40.00%
  • Milio International Group 0.00%


  • FAR Limited (Operator) 24.00%
  • Pancontinental Oil & Gas Group 16.00%
  • Milio International Group* 60.00%

* after earn in

A deep central graben in this area is considered to be an oil and gas "source kitchen" and potential hydrocarbon trapping prospects have been identified adjacent to this area.

The Kifaru Prospect and Kifaru West Prospects are interpreted to be large stacked Miocene reefs, with interpreted good lateral and top seals and close proximity to mature Eocene source rocks.

The Tembo Prospect is a large tilted fault block trap, with interpreted sandstone reservoirs at a number of levels.

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